Take Stock Friday!

Take Stock

It's take Stock Friday!   This will even give you a few day's to follow the action ideas below.

By William Lambert

So you have been living for 40 or 50 or 60 years. What do you have to show for it? What comes to your mind first? Your children? Your house? your car? Were your children an accomplishment or an accident? Should a spouse who loves you be listed in your inventory?

I did this inventory 10 years after I have been teaching school. I personally felt my inventory was not what it should be. I had a car and an apartment. I wanted a family and a house. I changed my behavior in an attempt to get those things.

Ten years later I felt that this was not enough. A wife and kids for me was not enough for my inventory. A new direction had to be derived. I spent much time in determining what truly makes me happy. I discovered that what really made me happy was helping other people.

My inventory includes letters from three people whose life I saved using my CPR skills. A distinguished teacher award. College Degrees, Letters from students that say without my influence they would never have attended college.

Action Step. Do your life's Inventory. Try to add things that cannot be taken away from you. Certificates, Degrees, and Marketable Skills that you enjoy. Do not focus on material things.

Action Step. Discover the joy of helping others. Share your skills, your knowledge, your understandings with others. Do this without seeking credit or anything in return.

Action Step. Look at your resume. Rewrite it as if you have accomplished more. Then work on making it happen. Never think the thought that "I am too old." There exist a list of people that were over 60 before they achieved their major accomplishments. The greatest joy in my life is when I received an E Mail stating that I helped someone change their behavior.

Action Step. Please note that you don't necessarily help someone if you give them material things. You really help when you teach them how to get their own and/or when you cause them to change behavior.

Mr. Lambert has a Bachelor's degree from Lemoyne-Owen College in Biology and Chemistry, a Master's degree in Education, from Memphis State University, and he finished all the course work on a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in Physics Education. He is a former teacher where he won the prestigious Distinguished Teacher Award. Mr. Lambert has made teaching his life. You can reach him at wlambert7@comcast.net

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” Where’s the Week Going?” Wednesday

Good morning (or afternoon) game of the day fans.   

What a Week!   Have some big life movements going on this week so far,  (no not those kind of movements…)

It's Wednesday at 12:00 noon.   The "Game Week" is literally at its mid point.  Time to take stock in what opportunities are where, what can I move forward?, what is the next step?   

A great question to interject at this point is also, What opportunities am I missing?  Stay with that one for a few minutes and see what you see.   Find at least one that you are missing.   One that you can put some attention on and move it forward.

Those playing close attention noticed that we missed yesterday's game day.   Well the game happened, there just wasn't any email.  Met a new prospect, talked about a different paradigm to solve some of his business issues.   Took care of some big time scoring administration, making sure that clients were getting billed correctly for services performed.   Touch to play the game, think you scored and then not bill or get paid for it.    That game wouldn't last too long.

Take pause for 15 minutes this afternoon, even it is on the ride home.  Ask your self how effective your game has been so far this week.   Ask too what you can make happen in the remaining game day's of the week.

Have a great one.   Love to hear how your game is going for you.

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