Welcome to Today’s Game – What’s Your Target?

Most people don't aim too high and miss. They aim too low and hit.

~Bob Moawad

Ponder that thought for a moment.  What's your target?  Is it high or low?

Here is today's suggested action:
1) pick a target for something you want to accomplish
2) raise it a little – if it is 5 make is 6 or 7.  Something that makes you squirm a little.
3) take action towards your target.

Now Repeat – Repeat – Repeat

How simple is that.  

Find some thoughts on the "Ready – Fire – Aim" approach here.    It works great when you seem stuck or not sure what to do – do something.

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Steve Peck

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Fill a Bucket Friday! Are you a bucket filler or a dipper?

Who's Filling the Buckets Here?

Who's Filling the Buckets Here?

Are You a Bucket-Filler or a Dipper?
Author Unknown

Something a little different for “Fill a Bucket Friday”

You have heard of the cup that overflowed. This is a story of a bucket that is like the cup, only larger, it is an invisible bucket. Everyone has one. It determines how we feel about ourselves, about others, and how we get along with people. Have you ever experienced a series of very favorable things which made you want to be good to people for a week? At that time, your bucket was full.

A bucket can be filled by a lot of things that happen. When a person speaks to you, recognizing you as a human being, your bucket is filled a little. Even more if he calls you by name, especially if it is the name you like to be called. If he compliments you on your dress or on a job well done, the level in your bucket goes up still higher. There must be a million ways to raise the level in another’s bucket. Writing a friendly letter, remembering something that is special to him, knowing the names of his children, expressing sympathy for his loss, giving him a hand when his work is heavy, taking time for conversation, or, perhaps more important, listing to him.

When one’s bucket is full of this emotional support, one can express warmth and friendliness to people. But, remember, this is a theory about a bucket and a dipper. Other people have dippers and they can get their dippers in your bucket. This, too, can be done in a million ways.

Lets say I am at a dinner and inadvertently upset a glass of thick, sticky chocolate milk that spills over the table cloth, on a lady’s skirt, down onto the carpet. I am embarrassed. “Bright Eyes” across the table says, “You upset that glass of chocolate milk.” I made a mistake, I know I did, and then he told me about it! He got his dipper in my bucket! Think of the times a person makes a mistake, feels terrible about it, only to have someone tell him about the known mistake (“Red pencil” mentality!)

Buckets are filled and buckets are emptied ? emptied many times because people don’t really think about what are doing. When a person’s bucket is emptied, he is very different than when it is full. You say to a person whose bucket is empty, “That is a pretty tie you have,” and he may reply in a very irritated, defensive manner.

Although there is a limit to such an analogy, there are people who seem to have holes in their buckets. When a person has a hole in his bucket, he irritates lots of people by trying to get his dipper in their buckets. This is when he really needs somebody to pour it in his bucket because he keeps losing.

The story of our lives is the interplay of the bucket and the dipper. Everyone has both. The unyielding secret of the bucket and the dipper is that when you fill another’s bucket it does not take anything out of your own bucket. The level in our own bucket gets higher when we fill another’s, and, on the other hand, when we dip into another’s bucket we do not fill our own … we lose a little.

For a variety of reasons, people hesitate filling the bucket of another and consequently do not experience the fun, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction connected with making another person happy. Some reasons for this hesitancy are that people think it sounds “fakey,” or the other person will be suspicious of the motive, or it is “brown-nosing.”

Therefore, let us put aside our dipper and resolve to touch someone’s life in order to fill their bucket.

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It’s “take the time Friday” at Starting Gate Park

It's "take the time Friday" at Starting Gate Park.  And as many of you'll remember from last week this surely is also ICBIF (I Can't Believe It's Friday).  This week has flown by for me.

So "Take the Time Friday"?  What's with that?    

This is a reminder for me to:
Take the Time to be present to what is around me? …who is around me?   ….what is really happening around me?  Am I being effective, am I being thorough?  Have I covered all the bases, or did I not touch second or third in my hurry to get home.

Am I experiencing what there is to experience?  We have all heard to stop and smell the roses…I know I need to stop and experience the people around me, who they are and what they are up to – really many time the contribution they are making to me at that moment.   Many times I find myself oblivious to all but what I'm focused on and I miss the the turn off that would take me right to my destination.

Certainly a change of pace and maybe a little bit of a miss-namer,  this Take the Time Friday.   It may actually take no time, just some conscious effort to be present to all that is happening around me.

In the end, this will further the game.   I'll be soaring with more ease, and the team around me will be playing more effectively, with more energy and focus.  

Your thoughts and comments on today?


Steve Peck


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It’s What’s Up Wednesday!!!


"Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward."
Author Unknown
It is What's Up Wednesday…..

I was struggling to come up with a name for  today's game.   Then I paused and realized I had the focus in my world on me, I was in my head as some would say.  If that doesn't make sense, don't worry I'll say more.   

So "What's Up Wednesday" makes perfect sense for today – it is "hey what's up?" in the other persons world.  What is happening with them, what is happening in their business?   It is in those questions that I can find the opportunity to make a difference for that person or that person's business.   (Ultimately that all comes down to making a difference for THAT person)

When we speak of discovering "pain" in our business process the focus has to be on the other person.   The distractions & circumstances of my own life have to be put aside or I won't be able to hear or see the other guy's pain.   And rest assured, we all have those circumstances that call us to focus on ourselves, to pull us back from being all we can be, pull us back from making a real difference.   

That is enough said on that!   

So the invitation today is to look and see if circumstances in your life are pulling you off track (remember last week we had Derailed? Wednesday).  As they say in sports, get out of your head.  Set those aside, focus on the future you are creating, the one you are building before you,  Where can I place the next brick, where is the next building stone?

What is the next thing to do?  If the next thing is to shore up the foundation, then stay focused on how that contributes and builds the future.  Focus on the difference you can make for your clients, customers and while you are at it, for the people you encounter today.

Welcome to What's Up Wednesday!

Love to hear if this made any difference for your day today…….
Steve Peck

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