Be Grateful Thursday!

Grateful Thursday At Starting Gate Park

Be Grateful?   What kind of game is that?   

I know for myself, sometimes I have to remind myself how grateful I am for the opportunity prospects, customers and clients give to us.   It is the opportunity to be of service to them.  They trust me with their problem, they trust me with their pain, they trust me with their business.  All of this when they aren’t always sure what to do, they trust me.   I am grateful.

And this opportunity is what allows us to be in business, to contribute, to make a difference for them.   I am grateful.

Sometimes it doesn’t look like an opportunity.  Helping clients and customers can sometimes be frustrating.    I remember they are frustrated too.   I am grateful that they have trusted me in their frustration.

I’m grateful that God gave me the abilities to be of service, to have something of that others find valuable to contribute.  That I have a team of other very competent people to help and support me.   I am grateful.

In today’s game,  take a moment in each interaction.  Ask yourself, am I being grateful?  Can I express my gratitude in some simple way?   Could be as simple as saying “Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.”     The expression will be different for each of us.

Thanks for reading this, and giving me the opportunity to contribute to you in even a small way.   Thanks for the opportunity to be of service.

Have a grateful day!  (and pass it on)

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